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Product Philosophy


R&D Textile Center Romilly-sur-Seine

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One hundred thirty years of experience gives us a uniquely authentic place in the market.

From the start we've created products primarily for sportsmen. This inspired us, but it also challenged us. Meeting those challenges remains at the heart of our product philosophy today. That's what sets le coq sportif apart, and has since the brand's beginnings.

Our products have a simple, almost timeless quality. It's a fundamental part of our brand's heritage. It makes us who we are.


In September, 2010, our new research & development center opened in le coq sportif's original factory building in Romilly-sur-Seine. That's where our story began. The choice of location is more than just a casual nod to our history.

It's a bridge between our heritage and the new collections in our future, between the simplicity that characterized our first products and the ongoing inventiveness that keeps our new models resolutely modern.


Manufacture Romilly-sur-Seine

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130 Years of Experience

Emile Camuset was, above all, a sports fan. When he founded le coq sportif in 1882, he made his first jerseys for his friends, who shared his passion for sport.

The brand grew up shoulder to shoulder with professional sports in France. By 1920 it had become the official supplier to France's professional soccer, rugby, basketball and track and field associations.